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Carnaval De Cuentos
YO! This is for the bros that may have missed out on the journal I posted about moving accounts.

1. I'm not really moving accounts.
2. I'll still be posting here but for the next couple of weeks/months? I'll be more active on ROOKIEKNIGHT

And last of all, if you like magic, carnivals, ghosts, and dorky twins like the ones above then you MIGHT be interested in my future web-comic Carnaval De Cuentos. Head on over to my other account if you'd like to learn more about it. :D

The twins up there btw are Ezequiel and Benjamin as yes they really are dorks. 
I made a new deviant art account for more of my original stuff. I'm prolly gonna use this account here to post slashy stuff and/or just fun fanart.
The other account will hopefully be more experimental/concept stuff. although i will still post south park and other fanart. just---more serious stuff in a way? I don't know if that makes sense haha. BUT YEAH!

My new account is: rookieknight


I will definitely be using rookieknight more often now. I have lots of original art that I want to post up. If you enjoy my art, you can follow me on there~ I will still post art here but the other account will be more regularly used. :D 

Got some exciting things I plan to work on this year!
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Whoop by peppernote
I did not know what to name this omg but this was basically another challenge doodle i did for tumblr. where i draw characters i know nothing about and someone requested characters from haikyuu!!
it was fun uwu
The Return of Style by peppernote
The Return of Style
Hello friends, I haven't been on here for a while. I have a lot of doodles that I've done but they've all been posted to tumblr, which is where I seem to be more active nowadays haha.

Anyways I call this one the return of Style because I haven't drawn these two together in years!
Feels nice to draw them again. Good nostalgia. :)
Hello friends! Just as the title reads, commissions are re-opened~ Please take a look at the info and prices carefully and if you'd like to request a commission just send me an email at and we'll proceed from there~ :D


All commissions are for your personal use only. You can feel free to post them wherever you want, as long as credit is given. Please do not sell or claim work as your own.

The only things I will not be accepting requests for now are animals (as I'm still practicing in that area) and NSFW. Other than that I, in general, will draw anything. I reserve the right to refuse a request.

As all commissions will be done digitally, I can show you a basic sketch before I scan. Any changes can be made in this stage. 

Once the drawing is complete, I will upload it on DA. Based on what you prefer I will email you the file or send you a link to it (jpeg or png). Note that the file will be larger than what I submit online. (All work is done with a canvas of 3000 -- 3500 px in width, unless requested otherwise.)

You can also request a print, but note that all prints will be 8in x 11in on matte paper. And there will be an extra fee of $3-8 for shipping depending on where you live. You'd have to be okay with giving me your address. 

Paypal only. Prices are in $USD. Payment is due before I start, at least 7 days before your deadline. (Once you contact me, I would just need an email to send an invoice to.)

Prices + Examples

*PRICES CAN BE NEGOTIATED if you're looking for a much simpler piece than the ones described above, please message me with details. 
*FLAT BACKGROUNDS = one color, silhouettes, or simple designs. If you're still unsure what that encompasses, please message me as I will be glad to show you more examples. 
*CHIBI IS STILL INCLUDED! For those prices you can check here>> chibi prices

[If you think my prices are too expensive, please don't go on a rant about it here. Simply ignore this journal. I've carefully chosen each price by the amount of work + hours I put into each specific piece. Thank you! <3]

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Hello everyone!

I just quickly wanted to state the problems I've been having with DA's note/messenger. It has NOT been allowing me to see any messages lately. I haven't been getting notifications nor is it sending ANY of my replies. 

Some of you have contacted me for information on commissions or requests for commissions. I've spoken to some of you but unfortunately, because of the messaging problems with DA, it's been very rocky/troublesome communication.

so I'm here to say if you're still interested in commissioning me, or have any important questions/comments 


Thank you for reading, have a lovely day! <3

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United States
I run on my habits: drabbles on paper, doodles on napkins, and a few hours of sleep.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Favourite genre of music: Whatever behooves me.
MP3 player of choice: Watson, my iphone

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Hello dear Peppernote!
I am a real fan of your work and I have noticed that you recently removed some of your drawings. I panicked a bit because I didn't save them anywhere else than in my favourites and now they're unavailable. I just wanted to ask you why you suppressed them. I can't imagine that you would consider them "not good enough" because to me they were perfect. I wish there was a way I could find them again but I don't want to bother you.
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Love the South Park boys as greasers! You should do more of them!
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ahhh, i'm sorry if you have it listed somewhere but do you possibly have a tumblr? ;v; the links you gave listed in previous journals don't work anymore and i was just wondering since i'd love to reblog a couple drawings you've made instead of reposting them (which i wouldn't do anyway)
peppernote Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
ah yeah I've been meaning to fix those links. I deleted that blog so you wouldn't be able to find any of my drawings from DA on tumblr anymore. I have a new blog now @ (it's still kinda new so there's not many doodles there but that's where I'll be posting from now on!) hope that cleared up some stuff :D
OKAMl Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh alright!! thank you ~u~
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