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Bad Things (Revamped) by peppernote
Bad Things (Revamped)
I've been wanting to redo some of my old south park drawings just for fun and this was the first one I thought of so here it is. 
The original which you can  find here  was supposed to be a cover of sorts for my crenny fic called "Bad Things" that I never got to finish. Sadly, redrawing this doesn't mean I'll be rewriting the story as well haha, But good times. 

Always nice to know I'm still improving in my art :D
Dec and Toby by peppernote
Dec and Toby
Some of you were wondering what October looked liked so here he is~ His character was designed by my partner in crime, Matt. 
Since I've already posted this on tumblr, I'm just going to paste what I wrote on that post haha 

"December (Dec) talks to the snowflake on his frickin cheek what a dORK–anyways behold the cutie, October (Toby) October is a wonderful liar, little trickster who likes to scare people and steal their candy. Seriously that kid probably walks around with so much candy in his pockets, he leaves evidence at every scene. He has a thing with Decemeber but this is before that. When December was a stubborn butt telling October to stop bothering him but then secretly wishing he’d stay by his side 24/7. What a corny bby."

October loooves to play tricks on December but that's only cause he likes him. He also goes around with his mask but I didn't draw it here. I'll include it in other sketches.

Up next, November.
December by peppernote
Say hello to December! He's cold, conceited and surprisingly charming. He enjoys talking about his winter storms, holidays, and ice sculptures. He dislikes stick hot summers and October, the halloween punk that always follows him around just to bother him. October is his friend, in a way but they always get on each other's nerves. December prefers his other friend November, who's more quieter and could listen to December for hours and hours without saying a word. 

I will post October and November's designs later on. Hope you enjoy! :)
Remake LRS by peppernote
Remake LRS
Redid an old Little Red Sheep drawing of Aiden and Nicholas. So happy to be drawing these kids again. 
If you're interested in reading the story you can do so [ HERE ]

Old Version of this drawing here LRS by peppernote
Batter up!
bloody Craig for #Goretober
I loooove the idea of him playing baseball. Ngn my favorite headcanon. Like not only does he play, he's the fricking CLEANUP HITTER~ anyways yeah more Halloween stuff later
Hello friends! Summer is here and I hope you're all having a lovely vacation! I'm good and taking it day by day but recently it's been getting a little tough to make ends meet with so many medical bills to pay and not getting enough hours in my work schedule. But I will continue working hard! No giving up right? :D So I've decided to open up commissions again in hopes of getting a tiny bit of relief. It would mean the world if you could help out in any way, even if it means just by spreading the word! 

Anyways on to the usual~


All commissions are for your personal use only. You can feel free to post them wherever you want, as long as credit is given. Please do not sell or claim work as your own.

The only things I will not be accepting requests for now are animals (as I'm still practicing in that area) and NSFW. Other than that I, in general, will draw anything. I reserve the right to refuse a request.

As all commissions will be done digitally, I can show you a basic sketch before I scan. Any changes can be made in this stage. 

Once the drawing is complete, I will upload it on DA. Based on what you prefer I will email you the file or send you a link to it (jpeg or png). Note that the file will be larger than what I submit online. (All work is done with a canvas of 3000 -- 3500 px in width, unless requested otherwise.)

You can also request a print, but note that all prints will be 8in x 11in on matte paper. And there will be an extra fee of $3-8 for shipping depending on where you live. You'd have to be okay with giving me your address. 

Paypal only. Prices are in $USD. Payment is due before I start, at least 7 days before your deadline. (Once you contact me, I will give out the email in which to send the payment to.)

Prices + Examples

*PRICES CAN BE NEGOTIATED if you're looking for a much simpler piece than the ones described above, please message me with details. 
*FLAT BACKGROUNDS = one color, silhouettes, or simple designs. If you're still unsure what that encompasses, please message me as I will be glad to show you more examples. 
*CHIBI IS STILL INCLUDED! For those prices you can check here>> chibi prices

[If you think my prices are too expensive, please don't go on a rant about it here. Simply ignore this journal. I've carefully chosen each price by the amount of work + hours I put into each specific piece. Thank you! <3]

1. CraigTuckerFTW
2. Missry
3. Andrew M.
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I run on my habits: drabbles on paper, doodles on napkins, and a few hours of sleep.

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BlumeShullman Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015
Hello dear Peppernote!
I am a real fan of your work and I have noticed that you recently removed some of your drawings. I panicked a bit because I didn't save them anywhere else than in my favourites and now they're unavailable. I just wanted to ask you why you suppressed them. I can't imagine that you would consider them "not good enough" because to me they were perfect. I wish there was a way I could find them again but I don't want to bother you.
Kisses from France
Maple-Foxes Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
South Park is looking for creek (…)
KawaiiChibiHoshi Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ur art gives me life
Diobites Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are such an inspiration to me <3 I love all of your work and you are just so amazing ; A ; I have seen your work everywhere and I would always wonder 'Who the fuck is this amazing artist?!' then I did some internet *cough*stalking*cough* research and I found you!! Seriously, you are amazing! c:
Ratchetllamas Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Love the South Park boys as greasers! You should do more of them!
OKAMl Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh, i'm sorry if you have it listed somewhere but do you possibly have a tumblr? ;v; the links you gave listed in previous journals don't work anymore and i was just wondering since i'd love to reblog a couple drawings you've made instead of reposting them (which i wouldn't do anyway)
peppernote Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
ah yeah I've been meaning to fix those links. I deleted that blog so you wouldn't be able to find any of my drawings from DA on tumblr anymore. I have a new blog now @ (it's still kinda new so there's not many doodles there but that's where I'll be posting from now on!) hope that cleared up some stuff :D
OKAMl Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh alright!! thank you ~u~
nico420 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If you were to draw more greaser-styled South Park characters in the future, I would be insanely happy. You make them look so beautiful.
Aishishi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Professional General Artist
Happy belated Birthday! : >

Also great art! |D :heart:
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