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Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and be safe!
Saints and sinners by peppernote
Saints and sinners
Quick doodle of Devil Craig and Angel Kenny. IT was just supposed to be a doodle and now I have like this HUGE au for it, which I don't know yet if I'll continue exploring. but nnnnnnnnnnngh. Those suits tho.
Alex's Dilema by peppernote
Alex's Dilema
More doodles of characters from my story Little Red Sheep! Which you can read more about in my LRS Folder in my gallery here.
Here are their profiles!

Alex Puentes
Age: 15
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown/Black
Height: 5'6"
Personality Traits: sensitive, earnest, moody, a bit timid
story: Alex is a freshman at Evanston Prep High. He moved to Evanston with his mom (her childhood town) shortly after he graduated 8th grade. Alex is doubtful of the new small town he now lives in, being so used to the city of New York. What he dislikes more though, is the fact that he has to be escorted everywhere by Frank. Since his mother is friends with Frank's mom, the two were put together to help Alex settle and know his way around Evanston. Alex isn't fond of the way Frank mocks him in front of the other kids. But what confuses him is that Frank is a tolerable and surprisingly likable guy when it's just the two of them. Alex and his mom are Puerto Rican.

Francisco (Frank) Ramos
Age: 17
Eye: Brown
Hair: Light brown
Height: 5' 8"
Personality Traits: protective, rowdy unpolished, amiable when alone.
story: Frank is a senior along with the other three kids, at EPH. Evanston is Frank's hometown, which he loves and knows like the back of his hand. Although the Churchville woods are known to be trippy and confusing with it's unreliable paths, Frank is the most comfortable with traveling through them. His mother is friend's with Alex's mother which is how the two got stuck together. Frank dislikes having to drag Alex everywhere because he feels restrained. But when he's not with the other kids, Frank likes the company of Alex. He usually uses tacky insults as a form of endearment. Frank and his family are Mexican.
Before and After by peppernote
Before and After
To all my fellow artists, I think we all know this but it's a nice reminder here and then:

Practice makes a difference.
I made a new deviant art account for more of my original stuff. I'm prolly gonna use this account here to post slashy stuff and/or just fun fanart.
The other account will hopefully be more experimental/concept stuff. although i will still post south park and other fanart. just---more serious stuff in a way? I don't know if that makes sense haha. BUT YEAH!

My new account is: rookieknight

You can follow me there if you want! That's all for now uwu

Bye bye~!
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United States
I run on my habits: drabbles on paper, doodles on napkins, and a few hours of sleep.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Favourite genre of music: Whatever behooves me.
MP3 player of choice: Watson, my iphone

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Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1] 
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You have an awesome gallery! keep up the good work! :love:
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